Parts of a Whole

By Artists' Donations
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Generously donated by Sue Freeborough.

Sue Freeborough studied at University College, Chichester, the University of Gloucester and the University of Portsmouth. She is a member of Art Space, Portsmouth and of Catalyst Women, Art and Science.

Her wry comments on the human condition are supported by a thoughtful and intellectual approach to her work often based on research in the field of science. Many of her sculptures use as a starting point classic imagery, with which she makes a contemporary statement. They celebrate the exhilaration and freedom of our physical being.

“The human body is central to my work, whether in form or suggestion. The sculptures are constructions, made from varying materials that best suit my ideas. These are based around the mind/body, drawing parallels between the uncertainty of how a person is perceived from outward appearances, and how ideas are perceived when transformed into sculpture. I aim for shifting unsettled work with informed and open-ended flexibility that offers both fun and seriousness.”

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Parts of a Whole